Wow, you're beautiful.  | 
She has a strange feeling of absolute harmony. It's a perfect moment. A soft light, a scent in the air, the quiet murmur of the city. A surge of love, an urge to help mankind overcomes her. +

something sweet: a nightdrive to synthpop

"Cars can have a hypnotic effect. You can get in a car and get out and not really remember the trip. When you drive, you can kind of put your identity aside in the passenger’s seat, because you’re not being watched, and you can just be the watcher." —Ryan Gosling, on Drive

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Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it. - Friends, Episode 1 X 1 (1994)

From the hour she came downstairs till the hour she went to bed, we had not a minute’s security that she wouldn’t be in mischief.Wuthering Heights


S’all good with this 14-minute video of you (。≍ฺ‿ฺ≍ฺ)


Continents & Washed; Arthur Chang

sehun, suho and baekhyun were posing for the camera and then chanyeol just...